Today 7th April Amazon Quiz Answer

आज के इस पोस्ट मैं आपको Today 7th April Amazon Quiz Answer मिलेगा। आशा करता हूँ की आप लोग amazon quiz का answer अच्छे तरह से दे रहे होंगेें ।। तो चलिए आज का amazon quiz answer पढ़ते।  साइड बार में जो Bell Button उसे सब्सक्राइब कर लें। ताकि जब भी हम पोस्ट डालें आपके पास सीधी चली आये।


1. What term did PM Narendra Modi use to urge people of India to stay indoors amid the COVID-19 situation on March 22nd?

  1. Bharat Bandh
  2. Ghar Wapasi
  3. Janata Curfew
  4. Desh Raksha

Answer:- Janata Curfew

2. Which city is scheduled to be the host of the 2024 Summer Olympics?

  1. Paris
  2. Tokyo
  3. Rio de Janeiro
  4. Sochi

Answer:- Paris

3. SDMC is a disaster management agency of which of the following organizations?

  2. SAARC
  3. ASEAN
  4. BRICS

Answer:- SAARC

4. More than 900 scripts of which famous lokanatya from Karnataka were digitized and made public recently?

  1. Tamasha
  2. Yakshagana
  3. Nautanki
  4. Jatra

Answer:- Yakshagana

5. Friends, Voters, Countrymen’, ‘The Dream of Rome’, ‘The Churchill Factor’ are books by the Prime Minister of which country?

  1. Spain
  2. Belgium
  3. Serbia
  4. UK

Answer:- UK

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