Ten ways to get rid of any addiction

Ten ways to get rid of any addiction

Whether it is good or bad, addiction to anything is not quite good for a happy life. There are
some astonishing facts which suggest that addiction to something can be the reason for big
trouble in your life. More than 90 percent of people in America are suffering from addiction and
move towards alcohol and drugs before turning 18. Over 21 million people in America are
suffering from addiction issues, and only 10 percent of them get the treatment.

It doesn’t matter whether it is alcohol, drugs, smoking, gambling, or betting, a bad habit or
high affection towards any unhealthy thing can destroy your marriage, career, relations, health,
and your life. Some people suffer from betting or gambling addiction and sell everything for
their addiction, and the same goes for alcohol or drugs, where people plunder their whole life to
satisfy the lure of the tongue.

Though betting in moderation for fun from Indian sportsbooks is fine, addiction is a bad thing.

How to get over your addiction?

There are numerous non-profit organizations and societies that have been working for addicted
people. People who want to get over their addiction and wish to live a happy life can visit them.
Though there are some ways through which you can elude your addiction on your own or with
the help of others-

1) Have some great companions

Friends are the real gems of our life. True friends always stand by our side during tough
situations and also be the part of our cherished memories. In short, without a friend, we can’t
enjoy the true fun of life. You can call them whenever you feel low or depressed because they
have the best medicines or extraordinary ideas to deal with ordinary or any addiction.

2) Be a bibliophile

‘It was the best of time, and it was the worst of time’ one of the all-time quotes from a classic
literature book. Books are the true friend of people. Books are famous for sharing their vast
genre and treasure of knowledge and anecdotes without any conditions. Books are the best
therapy for the addicted person because they entangle you in their tale world.

3) Do something interesting

It doesn’t matter whether it is a solo travelling trip, going clubbing, meeting your friends and
loved people or making regular plans for the movie and playing some game in your playstation.
If you are getting some interest in these things, then it would be the best therapy for you. The
main motto is to engage yourself in some exciting work through which you can get over from
your thinking.

4) Sweat hard

In the ancient manuscripts, Yoga and contemplation is defined as the true value of time. Through
Yoga and some early morning workout, you make your body and mental health stable. Exercise

and Yoga make your soul enliven and replenish the true spirit of life. And when you have mental
toughness, then you can defeat any addiction.

5) Be accountable

Engage yourself in professional work that requires excellent accountability from you. When you
work with responsibility and liability, then you will realize the importance of your work and your
life’s attributes.

6) A habit of diary writing

Addiction mitigates your mental strength and makes your ability poor to be decisive or to do
something with will power. That is why when you feel to get rid of an addiction or any bad habit,
then you must write these things and their bad consequences in your diary daily. These records
are helpful to make your will power strong and remind you of your wishes.

7) Make a new schedule

We know it would be pretty hard to replace your existing routine with a new schedule, but it can
change your fate. Write down some grand plans of activity that can replace your addictive work
and make you unique as a brand new or stain-free fabric.

8) Help others

Every person suffers from their pain and struggles in their life. Do find someone who is in more
pain and sadness than you and try to help them. ‘Sharing is caring,’ sometimes helping someone
else is the best way to heal our cripples.

9) Relive your passion

Everyone has something to cheer and follow, and all you need is to follow your passion. Go out
and play sports, start your own business, teach or read something, and associate yourself with
any social issue. These can help you.

10)  Do nothing We know it is a bit of a lazy idea, but sometimes doing nothing can also be the best way to treat

Addiction is nothing more than a mental weakness to deal with a bad habit or problem. If you are
also suffering from addiction and wish to get over it, then you can try any of these ways to
surmount from addiction.

 This post is written for knowledge only.

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