Svsth Rahne Ke Liye 10 Achhi Aadate English Me

Svsth Rahne Ke Liye 10 Achhi Aadate English Me


Svsth Rahne Ke Liye 10 Achhi Aadate English Me - स्वस्थ रहने के लिए 10 अच्छी आदतें इंग्लिश में


1. After coming back home from outside, once handling associate degree

external object, before the change of state, before ingestion, once ingestion and victimization the toilet, wash hands completely with soap.

If there’s an alittle kid in your house, then it becomes even additional vital. Wash your hands properly with it before handling it.

2. Pay special attention to home cleansing, particularly on room and bogs.

don’t enable water to be collected anyplace. often clean the places like the sink, wash basin, etc. and keep victimization final, floor cleaner, etc.

don’t leave any food item open. Keep raw and cooked food aside. Keep the utensils, fridges, ovens, etc.

used for change of state and ingestion too. ne’er keep wet utensils within the rack and keep the lid while not dry coats.

3. Use contemporary vegetables-fruits. confine mind the storage of used spices,

cereals and alternative ingredients within the right place and confine mind the date on end date things

4. Do not use an excessive amount of oil, spices, backed and serious meals. Cook the food at the proper temperature and don’t destroy the nourishing parts of vegetables etc.

by a change of state additional. Also, once victimization kitchen appliance, take special care of the temperature. continually keep food intact and eat fresh foods.

5. Make sure to use a dish, curd, milk, porridge, inexperienced vegetables, whole lentils, cereals, etc.

within the food. attempt that your plate includes ‘Variety of Food’. Use clean water for a change of state and drinking. Wash vegetables and fruits completely and experiment.

Svsth Rahne Ke Liye 10 Achhi Aadate English Me

  • Prefer the utilization of unsaturated oil (such as soybean, sunflower, maize or olive oil) for change of state. Minimize the amount of each sugar and salt in food. don’t use junk food, soft drinks, and juice made of the artificial shaker, etc. attempt to have dinner at eight o’clock and also the food is lightweight.
  • Keep your relax or bedroom clean, ethereal and open-open. Keep dynamic sheets, pillows, and curtains, and shake the mattresses or mattresses from time to time.
  • Use meditation, yoga or meditation to extend concentration and to avoid stress.
  • Do anybody exercise daily. provides it a minimum of associate degree hour daily and keep dynamic the strategies of exercise, like ne’er do aerobic exercise, simply go quick. If you’ll be able to not take the time to try and do something, then you must aim to climb the steps of the workplace or home and walk quickly. attempt that even within the workplace you are doing not have to be compelled to sit within the same position for a protracted time.
  • Keep your routine medical checkup once the age of forty-five and if the doctor provides you any medication then take it often. should have time to remain about to nature. Play with youngsters, run along with your pet, and additionally take time to gently entertain with family.



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