Body Skin Psoriasis Treatment In winter season 10 Tips

Body Skin Psoriasis Treatment In winter season 10 Tips  Skin needs extra care in the

winter season, especially patients of psoriasis should be very careful during this season.

Due to cold and dry weather, the skin of psoriasis emerges from the red color on the skin

and the skin appears to be dry, dry and lifeless. 

Psoriasis is an auto immune stage, in which new cells of the skin begin to grow faster than usual. Our body makes new skin related cells every 10 to 30 days, replacing the old cells,

while new skin cells are formed rapidly in the disease called psoriasis, so that the body does not have enough time to leave old skin cells.

Body Skin Psoriasis Treatment In winter season 10 Tips


Body Skin Psoriasis Treatment In winter season 10 Tips

Finds Only the thick layer is formed on the skin or skin. It appears on the skin as a red colored surface.

The skin becomes dry with this. It starts getting itchy. The rash emerges as a red or silver colored spots on the body. 

Body Skin Use moisturizing soap or body wash

 A hard soap can change the natural pH of the skin, causing itching or other problems on dry skin.

Neutral pH level soap or body wash should be used, which prevents moisture in the skin and the skin is not dry. 

Using Lupo soap should be avoided using body wash because it can increase your skin problems.

 Oatmeal Bath

Take a cup of oatmeal for this type of bath and put it in lukewarm water. Some drops in it you can mix with aromatic oil.

Bathing with this lukewarm water can comfort your skin and help dry or reddish skin or skin full of rashes, which causes itching and irritation, to loose or soften. 

When oats are exposed to water, they make films like gelatin, which protects the skin and also contains moisture.

Avoid scrubbing the skin while bathing, because it increases the skin’s itching and burning sensation and red color can also emerge on skin faster.

Apply skin cream or moisturizer

Keep your skin full of moisture throughout the day. For this, it is advisable to apply skin cream or moisturizer twice a day.


Woolen cloth can burn in the skin and it can frozen papas. During winter, patients with psoriasis are advised to wear cotton cloth under woolen cloth.

In this way, they can overcome the cold without worrying about any scars.

Take incense

By not receiving proper sunlight during the winter, someone’s skin may also be dull.

Enjoy more sunlight and spend time outside home.

This will not only increase the level of vitamin D but also improve your mood.

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